Werkstatt ENG

Printing presses:

‚Karlsruher Radierpresse, max. size 200 x 80 cm, for relief and intaglio prints
• hot type proofing press, max. size 80 x 50 cm, for relief prints
‚Karl Krause Leipzig‘, max. size 90 x 70 cm, for lithography
‚Karl Krause Leipzig‘, max. size 100 x 80 cm, for lithography

Autonomous working for professionals:

After an introduction the workshop can be used freely for developing and editing art printings. Opening times therefore can be arranged without limitations. In case of ongoing stays a constant working place can be established and a guest accommodation can be conveyed.

Daily rate: 15 € (reduced 5 €) + material flat-rate

The material flat-rate is added depending on the printing technique:
Relief – 5 €
Intaglio – 8 €
Lithography – 8-30 € per Stone (related to its size)

This material flat-rate is a rough guide that can be adjusted to the real requirements of the artists, or even be skipped in case of self-sufficient customers. This material includes inks, solvents, acid, grinding sand, …
Paper and printing blocks (apart from stones) are not included in this material flat-rate.

For larger projects of working groups the daily rate can be changed.

Assistance for the printing can be ordered extra and will be charged per hour.

Orders for printing:

Offers for printing oders will be made depending on printing technique, size, amount of colours and the edition.


DRUCKSTOCK offers workshop for beginners and due to this also joins external events.